USHIJIMA the Loan Shark The Final

                                                             映画 闇金ウシジマくん ザ・ファイナル



         The root of the notorious loan shark is now revealed



Original Title                    Yamikin Ushijima-kun The Final
Released Year 2016
Genre Crime/Drama
Language Japanese
Duration 130min
Screening Format DCP/HDCAM/Blu-ray
Screening Format with English subtitles HDCAM/Blu-ray/HD digital data
Director(s) Masatoshi Yamaguchi

Takayuki Yamada

Go Ayano

Kento Nagayama

Masanobu Ando

Norito Yashima

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One day a nasty man shows up at Ushijima’s office. Yuki, Ushijima’s classmate from junior high school, comes to lend some money but rejected. 12 years ago, Ushijima was transferred to a new school and made friends with Yuki. Yuki was a kind boy and now a man with a good heart. However Yuki couldn’t make a living and was picked by Gakuto brothers while freezing on the street. The Gakuto brothers are famous of cruelty. They pick homeless people on streets to dormitory and make them work very hard to pay a forced debt. Again Yuki comes to Ushijima for lending money, this time to save people in that dormitory.