Princess Sakura: Forbidden Pleasures



           Erotic costume drama and sword fighting to zombie



Princess Sakura
Original Title Sakura Hime
Released Year 2013
Genre Erotic/Romance/Action/Horror
Languages Japanese
Duration 95 min
Screening Format DCP/HDCAM/HD digital data
Screening Format with English subtitles HDCAM/HD digital data
Director(s) HASHIMOTO Hajime

HINAMI Kyoko as Princess Sakura

AOKI Munetaka as Gonsuke

ASAMI Yuma as Oshichi

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One night in the Edo period, Gonsuke the burglar sneaked into the castle of a privileged family and sexually assaulted princess Sakura. Next day, vassals in the castle got rattled because the treasured heirloom was missing. Meantime princess Sakura couldn’t forget the pleasure that burglar Gonsuke brought to her and decided to run away from the castle to find the man with tattoo on his right arm.


Film Festivals/Awards

2013 Frankfurt Nippon Connection Festival

2013 Moscow International Film Festival

2013 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival