Kid Mon; Real Name Unknown



       Social drama of two high school girls with an abandoned boy



Original Title Shonen Mon, Hontono Namaewa Shiranai
Released Year 2015
Genre Drama/Family
Languages Japanese
Duration 85 min
Screening Format Blu-ray/HD digital data
Screening Format with English subtitles HD digital data
Director(s) KAJIYAAkihito

KOMURO Yura /  NISHINO Mami / TSUJIMOTO Mai /  TANAKA Gakuto /  AKAMA Mariko

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In a small town with a big red bridge, a run-down apartment, which everyone calls a haunted house, stands still. A few days before the summer break begins, two high school girls, Kaede and Azusa, find a boy living in the abandoned place by himself. Naming him "Mon", they take care of him without being noticed by anyone.