Haruko's Paranormal Laboratory



Wacky romance featuring characters unique to the extreme alongside elements of comedy and the occult




Original Title Haruko chojo gensho kenkyujo
Released Year 2015
Genre Comedy/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Second Film
Languages Japanese
Duration 73 min
Screening Format HDCAM/Blu-ray/HD digital data
Screening Format with English subtitles HDCAM/Blu-ray/HD digital data
Director(s) TAKEBA Lisa

NAKAMURA Aoi as TV man

NOZAKI Moeka as OTSUKI Haruko

KOHINATA Fumiyo as OTSUKI Manabu

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One day, the TV at Haruko’s house turns into human figure and shows his feelings. Haruko is surprised but happy to have the TV man living together with her as a couple. Later the TV man starts to find a job but gets turned away because of his look. At last a producer discovers the TV man’s special skills of speaking 12 languages and make him a TV star at TV language program. Quickly, the TV man becomes much more famous than they expected. However one day he suddenly recovers his former memories and departs on a journey to find his family.


Film Festivals/Awards

2015 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Hivos Tiger Award Competition

2015 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival

2015 Hong Kong International Film Festival

2015 Moscow International Film Festival

2015 Fantasia International Film Festival, Cheval Noir Competition

2015 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

2015 Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Noves Visions Plus Competition