Goodbye, Grandpa!




           A robust comedy subjected in death with tough-minded satire.



Original Title                    OJIICHAN, SHINJATTATTE.
Released Year 2017
Genre Black Comedy
Language Japanese


Screening Format DCP/HDCAM/Blu-ray
Screening Format with English subtitles        DCP/HDCAM/Blu-ray
Director(s) Yukihiro Morigaki

Yukino Kishii, Ryo Iwamatsu, Ken Mitsuishi, Jun Miho, Miki Mizuno

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Summer, Yoshiko receives a phone call about her grandfather's death when she is having sex with her boyfriend. Thus, the funeral of her grandfather begins with slovenly uncle, termagant aunt, shut-in cousin, and grandma who have dementia. No one cries at the funeral. Through accidents happening, Yoshiko sees feelings of her families that she hasn't noticed before and starts to think about "life" and "death". After, she makes a new step out to visit the Ganges River in India.