Girls Don’t Cry





     Two girls fight for their dreams to be famous beneath the “colorful and cute” Harajuku world.









Released Year 2018
Genre music
Language Japanese

99 min

Screening Format DCP/Blu-ray
Screening Format with English subtitles        DCP/Blu-ray
Director(s) Takehiro Shindo

Rinne Yoshida, Rinka Kumada, Tokuma Nishioka

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Aoi and Rina are well known in Harajuku street fashion scene by wearing matching outfits all the time.  Named themselves ”Nunuko,” and believing that being together was the way to be strong and famous, two girls feel like they can take the whole world easily, “together.”  However, the agents and the showbiz people did not see it that way.  When Rina gets more shots and is scouted by professional agency, Aoi feels betrayed but strongly struggles to be “somebody.”  On the other hand, Rina couldn’t focus on her chances given because she feels that she is not good enough to be on the spotlight.  This is a story of a girl with no chances but struggling, and a girl with chances without the guts.  Two girls fight for an answer to their dreams and to their fragile friendship.