Black Dawn



                                                 Tense spy movie crossing Japan and Korea


Original Title                    Gaiji Keisatsu Sono Otokoni Damasareruna           
Released Year 2012
Genre Drama/Crime/Action
Language Japanese/Korean
Duration 128min
Screening Format 35mm/DCP/HDCAM/HD digital data
Screening Format with English subtitles HDCAM/HD digital data
Director(s) HORIKIRIZONO Kentaro


KIM Kang Woo as Ahn Min Chul

MAKI Yoko as OKUDA Kaori

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One national confidential document of nucleus energy was stolen in Japan and some radioactive element uranium in Korean was missing. It is rumored that someone is planning to make nuclear bombs with the stolen document and uranium. To avoid the worst happening, Japanese police officer Sumimoto stands up to fight the threat of nucleus terrorism in his own way together with Korean undercover policeman.


<Film Festivals/Awards>

2012 Japan-Filmfest Hamburg

2012 KINOTAYO - Festival Du Film Japonais Contemporain

2012 Tehran Jasmine International Film Festival