And Your Bird Can Sing





              It feels like this summer will never end. 

          Then we realize that the moment will never come back again.











Released Year 2018
Genre young adult
Language Japanese

106 min

Screening Format DCP/Blu-ray
Screening Format with English subtitles        DCP/Blu-ray
Director(s) Sho Miyake

Tasuku Emoto, Shizuka Ishibashi, Shota Sometani

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Me works in a bookshop in the suburb of a town in the north of Japan. He shares a flat with a friend named Shizuo. Sachiko is Me’s colleague from the bookshop. She is in a relationship with an older man, the manager of the bookshop, but feels attracted to Me and leave the manager. When Shizuo meets Sachiko, he too starts to like her… Depicted like a breeze in the heat of Summer, the relationship between these three young Japanese is built on a delicate balance of love and friendship.